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Accessing Grades on Engrade

Engrade is a free and easy way for your teacher to post grades, attendance, and upcoming assignments online. To see your grades, do the following:
1. Get Your Access Codes Your teacher will give you your Access Codes on Back to School night. These codes tell Engrade which grades belong to you. Your codes should look similar to teacher-xxxxx-yyyy. You will need one code for each of your teachers using Engrade. If you do not have codes that look like this you will not be able to see your grades.

2. Sign Up Once you have your codes, you will need to sign up for an Engrade account. Signing up lets you create a username and password that you can use to quickly log in and see all of your grades when you return to Engrade. Students under 13 years old will need parental consent to sign up. Sign up for an account here.

3. Log In Whenever you want to check your grades, just log in here and you'll see your up-to-the-minute grades and assignment scores.